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Listing Process

The Road To Your Next Chapter 

Countryside Road

The process of listing your home may feel daunting, but understanding the step-by-step process makes it easier to apply it to smaller pieces. Andrea will help you establish a timeline and what needs to be completed each step of the way. 


Meeting with the Realtor 

It is common to interview a few Agents, and most people are looking for the best commission rate. The truth is that not all Agents are the same. Some are National Associate of Realtors members, holding them to a higher code of ethics, making them Realtors and those who are not Real Estate Agents. In addition, they do not all offer the same value... or values. 

Updates / Rmodeling 

A knowledgeable and local Realtor can help Sellers identify where their funds will bring them the most return on their investment (ROI). Andrea always recommends doing a pre-sale inspection to avoid surprises and to reduce the Buyer's upper hand in negotiations on inspection negotiations in a slower or Buyer's market. 

Staging to Sell 

It is time to start packing! Anything that is not necessary to you or is helping in staging the home needs to be removed. The fewer things in the house, the larger the house appears. In addition, removing anything that could prevent a Buyer from visualizing themselves in the home should be removed. If the home is vacant, having the home staged by a professional can help with the home's selling faster. Yes, the cabinets and closets get opened. 


It all kicks off with photo day! Andrea & her preferred photographer spend several hours in the home shooting photos, videos, and virtual tours. Over the next week to two weeks, the chosen marketing program will be implemented in preparation for going live on the market. 


The sign is in the yard, and the lockbox is on the door.  Showing notices will be set up to the Seller's preferred contact method. This is the time for the Agent and clients to look through the home privately. Andrea can often give an idea of how many showings can be expected and approximately how long the house will be on the market, given the current market. 

Accepting an Offer

At this time, a Buyer has presented the Seller with an offer for the home. Andrea takes the time to ensure the Seller understands their negotiation options and estimated net proceeds through the decision process. 


The Buyer will schedule their inspections typically within the first 2 weeks of a 30-day closing. The most common is the physical inspections, sewer scope, and radon. It is typical to see the resolution (Seller's response) within 24-48 hrs of the inspection objection. 

Due Diligence 

Due Diligence Documents need to be presented to the Buyer. These are all of the records a Seller has kept on their property such as new roof receipts, new appliance receipts, insurance claims, improvement records, etc. Disclose, disclose, disclose!


The appraisal is typically scheduled to happen after the conclusion of Inspection negotiations. This is usually 2.5 to 3 weeks into the transaction. 

Clear to Close 

The Buyer's lender releases final figures to the title company, and the title company releases the Settlement Statements for review before closing. 


Closing Time! 

Under Contract 

New Adventures 

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